Casscade Streaming CMS

The Casscade streaming media server is a content archival and streaming system that allows you to easily create, distribute, and manage digital media.

Using a simple web-based interface, you can quickly create high quality digital video from analog sources like a DVD player or video camera, or choose to capture your computer's desktop for online viewing, perfect for remote instruction and video presentations.

Academic use

For school districts, Casscade systems can also be configured to act as IP-based video modulators. Traditional CATV tuners-to-modulator relationships are replaced with CATV tuner-to-encoder relationships. CATV tuners are set to preset channels and driven into encoders, then configured to allow for district wide users to access related streams.

Within each school a single Casscade Video Server is configured to allow for the local media center to provide playback of content from within that school. This portion of the system configuration allows for continued use of content from within the school and addresses the "VCR Tape dilemma" that is common in similar applications.

Governmental applications

City Council Chambers and public meeting spaces are outfitted with camera and microphone systems alongside the Casscade system allowing for live streaming and archiving of planning sessions and meetings. Casscade’s content delivery system allows for compliance with disclosure requirements, mitigates liability associated with how meetings are conducted, and allows for development of an informed community.

Corporate applications

Centralized training systems allow for reduction of expenses via effective online course management. Casscade’s servers allow for encoding not only of video from your training room but also from your desktop with your voice. Casscade’s content server allows for streaming of your curriculum through your employees’ work interface. As a result, you can deliver effective training, human resources information, and even messages from the executive team straight to your team’s desktops & meeting rooms.

Continuing education

Look for continuing education interface and support services from Casscade coming soon.

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